Creating a healthier world through accessible wellness experiences

Our Vision

At Setspire, we believe wellness is more than an optimal state of health. Wellness brings awareness to our choices and helps us balance our physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing. That's why we aim to give greater accessibility to wellness services for everyone.

We know all kinds of traditional and non-traditional wellness experiences hold value, including those which are new, fringe, or unsearchable through traditional means. By changing the mode of delivery and accessibility of wellness experiences, we aim to raise consciousness, grow community, and create a healthier world.

Our Values

At Setspire we highlight experiences that exist in growth-oriented containers of safety, healing, and transformation. We believe these containers are most effective with the following guiding principles in mind.


We believe in equity and opportunity for those in underrepresented, intersectional, and marginalized groups. We aim to grow a network of respectful, anti-racist, de-colonizing wellness providers to create a more just and loving world.


We believe in the power of guided group experiences. We believe community creates social connectedness that improves wellbeing and promotes social, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.


We honor the root of wellness practices and acknowledge many healing arts are rooted in ancient and indigenous wisdom. Our platform gives wellness providers the space to share how they honor these traditions in their work.


We believe growth and healing is aided by a positive "set and setting," meaning an open mindset and a comfortable physical setting. The name Setspire reflects this safe and inspiring container for experiences.

Collaborate with Us

A women-led company, Setspire was launched in the spring of 2022 by a small team of creatives, developers and therapists based in Portland, Oregon. Are you passionate about creating a healthier world through wellness experiences?
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